Production with passion and perfection.

KSM CONSTRUCTION AB is a construction company that offers products and services that are developed and designed according to each customer's specific needs and wishes. I own the company is called Kalev Saaremets and I have been involved in a large number of construction projects in Estonia over the past 10 years. In the last two years I have also been active in Sweden; in Kiruna, Malmberget, Sundsvall and Umeå.

I have extensive experience in various types of work in the construction sector and carried out a large number of projects with different types of construction work. My experience includes the work of building private housing, rented houses, public buildings, production facilities / factories.

KSM Construction AB offers subcontracting services. The operations concentrate most on concrete work and assembly work of prefabricated concrete elements.

We can offer a large number of certified quality products with or without assembly work. Together with strong partners, we have developed package solutions to customers who save time and money. We design, produce, deliver and assemble concrete and steel elements. As a result, we can leave finished frames to the house, the garage or other types of buildings.

KSM CONSTRUCTION AB, founded in July 2017, is a one-man company. The company has several strong partners in Estonia. RX Group OÙ offers specialized knowledge during the planning phase. Giracon OÚ supplies labor, supervisor and site manager in the implementation phase. The largest and most important partner is the concrete element factories Lasbet Tootmine AS and Parela E & R OÚ. Through my partners, KSM Construction AB can offer a wide range of services in addition to concrete and assembly work such as budgeting, drawing work, transportation, quality control, etc.

KSM Construction AB is led by:

Kalev Saarmets

Owner, CEO
Structural Engineer

Igor Kolesnitski

Production Manager
Structural Engineer

Martin Burman