About KSM Construction

Production with Passion and Perfection

For us, it is important to always exceed our customers’ expectations.

KSM Construction is a construction company that offers products according to each customer’s needs. With the key words “production with passion and perfection”, KSM Construction designs, produces, delivers and assembles prefabricated concrete and steel elements. We often work as a subcontractor, but can also, together with our strong partners, act as a turnkey supplier and design, produce, deliver and assemble certified quality products for both large and small construction projects. Through these efficient and beneficial package solutions, our customers save both time and money.

We currently work a lot in the northern parts of Sweden and then mainly around the ore fields with assignments both above and below ground. KSM Construction is growing and as of the autumn of 2020, we have expanded the business to the Stockholm area as well.

Extensive experience and strong partners

KSM Construction was started by Kalev Saaremets. At the start of the company, Kalev had more than 15 years of experience in a number of different types of projects in the construction sector in Estonia and Sweden. Among other things, work on building private homes, apartment buildings, public buildings, production facilities and factories.

Through our successful projects and high level of professionalism, KSM Construction has become a well-regarded and valued supplier as we work successfully with several strong partners. Through these partners, we offer a wide range of services in addition to concrete and assembly work such as budgeting, drawing work, transport and quality control. As a result, we can deliver completely finished frames for houses, garages or other types of buildings. The advantage of our packaged solutions is that they save both time and money in the construction process. You are welcome to contact us and we will give you an estimate on your project!