Our ambition is that every customer who uses KSM CONSTRUCTION AB should be able to recommend us to friends, acquaintances and colleagues. The following persons / companies have experience working with KSM CONSTRUCTION AB

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Magnus Moström Procurement engineer, Selbergs Entreprenad AB

"Kalev, his team and suppliers just finished assembly of steel structure for Umeås newest office building. Work started in May and went according to our schedule without any trouble. Though there were som changes in the plans KSM Construction delivered and adopted accordingly. We value the level of flexibility and cooperation through the whole project which resulted in a win-win situation! I strongly recommend Kalev and KSM Construction if you are looking for quality, value and collaboration. I hope we can find another project to work on together again!"

Patrik Tjärnberg Produktionschef, Rekab

"A good team from start to finish"

Håkan Paulsson Skanska, Kategoriinköpare

"Thank Kalev for a very proffessional perfomance during the HLC project in Piteå. Some difficulties with the quayproject assembly phase were handeled with exelency. I can and will recommend you as a prefered supplier for as well deliveries and assembly work. Hoping for further cooperation in new coming projects."

Tarvo Silivask Accounting Consultant, Bookwise & Co AB

"Kalev, as head of KSM Construction AB, is a good exemple how a business can be promoted from its very start to being an innovative and respectful company among competitors and partners. He as a client, is an alert one, punctual and well organized, thinking steps ahead and has a clear head in situations. A pleasure to provide service to and recommend to do business with."

Nicklas Hagervall Regionchef, Skanska

"We read VK with pride, you have done a really good job!"

Micael Nordström TNBygg, Platschef

"The Feedback I would like to give the company KSM as a partner is very high, a company that is responsive to what needs you have and what knowledge you are looking for. The work we have done together has worked but praise has been very much thanks to the fantastic staff who carried out the various assignments, high quality of the jobs clean and tidy and a good time-pass."

Skanska Sverige AB

Magnus Boström

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Skanska Estonia AS (former)

Anders Aavik

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MW Consulting AB

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