Work environment & quality

For KSM Construction, work safety and work environment are extremely important. None of our employees should have to suffer from ill health or injuries due to a poor working environment. We therefore conduct systematic and comprehensive work environment assessment that complies with work environment legislation.

This requires responsibility and commitment from both employees and management. To fulfill this, we work in such a way that ill health and injury at work for our employees are prevented and an otherwise satisfactory working environment is achieved.

KSM Construction strives constantly to create a good working environment by:

  • Work environment assessment is a natural part of all our operations and is carried out in collaboration between employers and employees.
  • Resources are set aside to be able to work for a good / safe work environment.
  • All employees are informed about the work environment assessments.
  • We regularly examine and risk assess our physical and mental work environment in order to be able to take the measures needed to create a safe work environment. We follow up our work environment assessments annually.
  • Incidents are reported and investigated.
  • Work environment factors must be taken into account in all types of purchases.
  • Personal protective equipment and first aid are available at all workplaces.
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Alcohol and Drug Policy

The use of alcohol and drugs during working hours is prohibited. Consumption of alcohol in our free time must never affect our work. Medication use, which may pose work environment risks, must be reported to the company.

Road Safety Policy

KSM Construction works to ensure a high level of traffic safety in the business. Our traffic safety work not only benefits society as a whole but must also benefit all those who reside on or near the road network. The work entails, among other things, that all employees make sure to follow applicable traffic rules and inform themselves regarding traffic safety issues.

Equality Policy

Within KSM Construction, everyone shall have equal opportunities for employment, education, promotion and development, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. Bullying or harassment in our workplaces is not accepted.


KSM Construction sees sustainable construction and environmental work as a very important part of our business. The work includes economic sustainability, environmental sustainability and social sustainability. This means that we engage in sound business and do not accept any form of corruption. We only deliver sustainable solutions and strive for transparency and inspection of supply chains as well as sustainable purchasing. We are constantly working to reduce energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We want to offer safe and secure workplaces for our employees. We strive for diversity and equality among our employees.