Services & products

We know that no two projects are alike. We therefore, with high flexibility and extensive experience, develop and design our products and services according to each customer’s special needs and wishes.

Our core business

Concrete Work

We have focused on casting foundations, floors, walls and inner floor joists, but through our broad expertise and flexibility, we can carry out most concrete work as well. By combining this with our assembly work of concrete and steel elements, we can offer very convenient and advantageous solutions. We can also undertake contracts for land work, such as excavation and trenching. Let us know what your team needs and we will get it done!

Concrete and Steel Elements

We have extensive experience designing, producing and delivering concrete and steel elements for many different types of construction projects. By combining this with our assembly work, we can deliver completely finished frames for houses, garages or other types of buildings. This creates very economical, time saving and safe whole solutions for our customers or partners.

Assembly work

Our core business consists for the most part of concrete and assembly work of prefabricated concrete and steel elements. We offer a qualified workforce with experienced leaders and a large number of certified quality products. Together with strong partners, we have developed package solutions in assembly work that save both time and effort for your project.

Other services

Frame Completion and Interior Work

We can provide professional teams for frame completion and interior work as needed. Examples of interior work we perform are flooring, construction of raised roofs and interior walls, as well as installation of doors and moldings.